Bernard accused Cary of misleading Maharis

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TURA, Oct 24: Bernard Rimpu N Marak, under fire for claiming himself to be the Nokma of Tura town, on Tuesday accused former MDC, Cary Ch. Marak for misleading the Chmanbugong clan during a recent meeting held between clan members.
The latest salvo comes after former confidante and Nokma of Danakgre, Enilla Ch Marak, had filed a case of fraud against Rimpu in the Araimile Beat House, a few days ago, which Marak alleged was under duress.
“Cary Marak has misled the Chambugong Mahari into a contradictory situation by violating the Garo law. Mahari Association intruded into the jurisdiction of the Machong. This will lead to legal proceedings in the court of law,” alleged Rimpu in a statement issued here on Tuesday.

 “Cary may take the Mahari members for a ride, but not the Court. In the matters of Akhing, only members of Machong (motherhood) can have a say, not members of the Mahari. The Garo law does allow Mahari or Associations to interfere in the private matters of the Akhing. The RTI from GHADC clearly stated the role and jurisdiction of Machongs and Maharis,” said Rimpu.
“Cary Marak even claimed to be the ‘chra’ of the Nokma. Actually, he is just a member of the Mahari. He cannot be the Chra. Chra as per Garo law is the male elder of the family and Cary is in no way related to the Nokma’s family. The Mahari ridiculed the Nokma and the Chras and even made her apologize in the meeting. This was far beyond the jurisdiction of the Mahari,” accused Rimpu.
Accusing the former MDC of carrying political vendetta, the former rebel said that the same was not going to end well.
“It is told that Akhing Nokma was made to sign blank documents too. This is illegal as actual chras has to know and be witness to everything that Nokma does. She cannot act alone,” said Rimpu while appealing to the Chambugong Maharis to review if what the former MDC was doing was according to traditional practices of the Garos.
 “If not, there will be legal proceedings on violation of Garo law,” added Rimpu.


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