Bolbokgre School to get uplift after administration releases funds

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TURA, Sep 10: In what may be very heartening news for many, an amount of close to Rs 1.5 lakhs has been sanctioned for the redevelopment of the Bolbokgre Government LP School.
Most areas of the school including the roof and rooms have been in dilapidated condition for more than 3 years now after a storm destroyed the building itself, while also taking off most part of the roof.

The school has resembled a cowshed than an actual school for quite some time. The sanction for the development of the school comes after media reports of the sad condition of the school as well as the situation in which children were getting their education. The matter was raised to the deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills (WGH) Pravin Bakshi through the Achik Youth Council (AYC) an NGO from Tura following which Bakshi sought a report from the SDSEO.
“The SDSEO had stated that they had created a situation report as well as sought to get the money for the repair of the school but the change of BDOs delayed the process. The money for the redevelopment of the school has been given this month (September) and work is expected to start right away,” said Bakshi.
Bakshi had immediately sought a report from the DSEO pertaining to the pathetic condition of the school following which matters moved quickly leading to the sanctioning of the money for the immediate repair.
However the DC was unhappy with the school managing committee for its failure to at least start part repairs for the school as maintenance money was provided to the school every year for repair work.
“They could utilized the fund and when the sanction for redevelopment came it could have been used to further better the school infrastructure,” said the DC.
The repair of the school; however is yet to take off despite funds being provided to the SMC, apparently due to inclement weather.
“This is good news for the children there who have actually gone through so much just to get education. They had to bear the brunt of nature and had to even skip school during rainy days. We hope now at least there will be a roof above their heads in school,” said Maxbirth G Momin, a member of AYC, who had originally raised the issue.
He however also added that now that money was sanctioned they would be keeping a close watch on the progress of school to ensure the money was utilized effectively.
 “There have been too many cases of money meant for school development going into the wrong pockets. Education is the foremost requirement for the future and we will not take a chance once again on this,” he added.


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