Assam police constable asked to prove Indian citizen

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Guwahati, June 11: A Foreigners Tribunal (FT) Court in Assam has asked an Assam police constable to prove that he is an Indian citizen.
According to the reports, a FT court has recently issued notice to an Assam police constable Abu Taher Ahmed, who presently served at South Salmara police station in South Salmara Mankachar district and asked him to prove as an Indian citizen.

The notice issued on March 15 last, under the Foreigners Tribunal case no 2123/2016 and police case no 1066/2000.
The court asked the Assam police constable to prove his citizenship by appearing before the FT court on August 8 next.
A top police official said that, 33-year-old Abu Taher Ahmed resident of South Salmara had joined the Assam police on 2008.
Abu Taher Ahmed said that, following the court notice he appeared before the FT court on June 8 last, but will need to be present on the next hearing on August 8.
Abu further said that the names of his grandfather Shohidullah Sheikh and father Maziur Rahman were included in the 1951 National Register of Citizens (NRC).
"My father cleared the 10th board examination in 1978. I was born and grown up in South Salmara, "Abu said.
Meanwhile, the top police official said that, the voters registration put Abu in the Doubtful voters (D-voters) list.
"Now the FT court will decide as Abu is an Indian citizen or not," the police official said.


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