Listing of deleted names under NFSA under process

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SHILLONG, Aug 08: Public beneficiaries whose names were found deleted from the list of National Food Security Act (NFSA) following its implementation earlier this year will now be included in a new list as the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills (EKH) district is working on it. This was informed by the supply officials here on Monday after regular complaints from the underprivileged and deserving residents from various localities from the city and the district at large are coming forward daily.

There have been reports of serious anomalies post implementation of the NFSA as public beneficiaries find their names missing from the list put up in various FPS dealers in the city and elsewhere. These beneficiaries who were earlier receiving ration items suddenly find their names deleted from the NFSA list while crying foul play and ineptitude of the state government.
The Supply Inspector from ground floor of the Office of the EKH DC said on Monday that the beneficiaries’ names that appeared in the NFSA lists are as per a survey and they can’t do much about it.
His version was seconded by another supply official who said that this survey was conducted by the C&RD department of the state government while assuring that those beneficiaries whose names have not appeared, a new list of claims is under process and their names will be included. This official also informed that a scrutiny is also under process to ascertain and include some names under the non-NFSA list.
A lady official from the same room informed further that a magistrate hearing will be done for this but rice will be available to all beneficiaries under non-NFSA even without cards, for now. These officials said that this is the lowest beneficiary category and new names under this are in process.
These officials also clarified further that to include one’s name the beneficiary has to get the seal and signature of the vigilance committee and not the local Dorbar Shnong on the application form. This they say on the complaints that FPS of some localities are insisting on their customers to get the signature of the locality Dorbar.
The application form for family identity card under NFSA which was distributed by the FPS dealers in the city have a section under the heading “Certificate from Chairman/ Secretary Vigilance Committee” on the backside. There are allegations from numerous customers from different localities that the FPS are insisting them to get signature from their respective village headmen on the backside citing that they are the “assigned vigilance committee”. This side of the form certifies that the beneficiary and his dependents are resident in a given locality/ village.
The supply officials made it clear that every FPS has their own vigilance committee whose members in most cases may be members of Dorbar but the seal and sign should be of the said committee.


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