Umsiengiong – a hidden treasure

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By Haimantee Dutta
William Shakespeare had once upon a time said that “Sweet are the uses of adversity” and so will one feel as one drives to Umtyllun, a village near Lawbahin East Khasi Hills. The road to Umtyllun feels like a rough roller – coaster ride and not for a moment does the car stop jerking. All that are left of the roads are a few pebbles and broken pieces of cement clinging on to each other. But this road takes you a very exotic place – the Umsiengiong falls.
Umsiengiong waterfalls is situated amidst the fauna in the Umtyllun village. It is a fifteen minutes drive from the main village.  To reach the water falls one has to go through a forest for about eight minutes. On entering, one can never imagine that such an exotic place even exists. All that one can hear is the gushing sound of the water and the humming of wild insects.. There are the bees buzzing in your ears, the leeches crawling on the forest floor and the strange croaking sound of insects. And all this takes to the flat surface of a rock from where the water is gushing down.
The entire area is surrounded by rich biodiversity. An imposingly calm aura prevails all throughout which makes the scenery more charming. The Umsiengiong waterfall is very unlike the many other one might have seen in Meghalaya. The water flows underneath the rocks and creates an amazing sight.
A local villager, Barnaboss Marwien says, “This waterfalls is a wonderful place to spend your time. It gives close to real nature feeling. We even come here to fish with our friends. But sadly no one from outside are eager to come here.”
Umsiengiong has very little  publicity but it definitely is one of the best destinations if you are looking to get away from the pollution and the crowd. Umsiengiong ensures a breath taking spectacle. It is definitely a hidden treasure!   

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