In search of the missing element called the 4th Element.

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Shillong! the Scotland of east and  “the music capital of India” has immense  potential when it comes to rhythm and rhymes. Here even a small piece of wood  can be made to sound like a Washburn guitar and it shows the exotic love and wide understanding of music of the people since times immemorial. The legacy still continues and today it won’t be incorrect to say that every child is a potential musician and aspires to make it to a concert one day and that is evident from the number of music bands coming up day in day out
With so much to give,  it is indeed sad to find that Shillongites are still essentially rock-centric and have not given their ear to other musical genres. Recently the notebook team caught up with Ribor MB, a talented musician and the founder-cum-front-man of the band 4th Element. It is a five member outfit set to explore their dream of making a difference with their own kind of music which contains the flavors of Jazz, Funk, R&B and Soul completing the 4th Element. Ribor says that their thrust is on to educate people that music is not only head banging and microphone abusing but can be enjoyed in many different ways.
 The band called 4th Element was formed in the year 2007 and since then it has performed in around India especially in Gangtok, Delhi and the states of northeast. Here in Shillong they perform mainly on occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day and New Year’s Eve. They are also planning to launch their first album by the end of this year.
On being asked about their union as a group and the formation as a band, this is what Ribor had to say about himself and his band members.
“I guess for me it all started at home. There was a piano in the house and since everybody played it so it was obvious on my part to start playing it too. I had learnt my first piano lessons from my aunt, who used to move around in a wheel chair, but it was actually my sister, a classical pianist herself, who got me totally interested in the piano and I guess it all started from there.
I learnt a lot while I was with Mojo but my calling was something totally different. After Mojo split, we formed SFR, comprising Sam, Ferdy and myself, which again continued off and on. 4th Element was formed in 2007 when I met Sara Lee. She had come to my studio for a recording session and when I first heard her voice, I knew that I had found the vocalist I was looking for.
I had always wanted to come up with a new sound from they north-east. But with Shillong being essentially rock-centric, it was difficult for us to get our message across. We now have a small group of people that enjoys 4th Element’s music, which is a very good sign for us. But although we are confident of our abilities, we are aware that it will take some time for the rock-crazy fans of the region to enjoy this new kind of music.”
We surely know that good listeners are always difficult to find but once we are talented and dedicated we can surely achieve what we want. Our best wishes  to 4th Element for sowing the seeds of melody in our hearts of their own kind...

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