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By Haimantee Dutta
In the midst of all the jeopardy and traffic in Don Bosco Square, Jadoh, a food corner that just started in the second week of October , has already earned a niche for itself.  Jadoh, a brightly lit place with strong smell of tungrymbai and jadoh that suddenly grasps your senses as you walk in. From the outer appearance of the place one could easily mistake the place to be a coffee house but this modern food joint promises a great treat of traditional Khasi food.  Jadoh is owned by Dr. R.J. Cunville who single handedly manages to keep the contemporary yet ethnic food joint to be the one of the Shillongites recent favourites. A lecturer himself, he says that, “I opened up this place to serve food for everyone starting from students to family, so the prices have been kept really economic.”
Over the years Shillongites must have somewhere or the other been to a jadoh stall but this Jadoh corner holds a great treat for all the foodie’s in store. The combo meals are a delight consisting of rice, salad, meat curry, chutney, potato or fried vegetable at a price of 45 only. The food though entirely Khasi does include vegetarian food as well. Cunville says that, “I have purposely included vegetarian food on the menu so that no one misses out on the experience of Khasi cuisine. Shillong, now a days has a number of tourists and this somehow made me feel the need to open a place like Jadoh. I myself have travelled to a number of places and somehow I wanted to portray the Khasi culture with a tinge of modernism.”
One very astonishing factor of Jadoh is that there is no kitchen attached to the food corner. The food is delivered by vans when the place opens and all the utensils are taken back when the place closes down. Cunville says that this helps to keep the place clean and hygienic. When the food is brought in it is stored in an oven that keeps the food warm long enough for all the customers to enjoy it.
The place has been designed by Cunville and a few of his friends. The entire atmosphere induces warmth and a sense of belonging so strong that you will be bound to visit the place yet again. The menu basically consists of heavy meal and rice items. But in a place like Shillong where rice is the staple food, customers keep flocking to the place.
“Sometimes the food stock is over by 3 in the afternoon and since we do not have a kitchen we have to close down. But this is just an indication of how many customers have come in the day”, says Cunville. Though when compared Jadoh is a new venture yet it has still managed to take over many existing food joints in the city. Thre are numerous Chnese, Thai and Continental food outlets to cater to the customers but a place like Jadoh is the first of its kind and indeed very out of the box.
Gilbert Lyngwa, a customer at Jadoh says, “Khasi food is great but the place we usually get it is quite unhygienic. With a place like Jadoh in Shillong one can really enjoy the Khasi food in a neat and clean space.”
 Another customer at Jadoh, Joshua Marak, says, “It feels so great to have a place like Jadoh in the heart of the city. Now people do not have to bother to go and sit in a dingy corner to enjoy the Khasi food, Jadoh was indeed a great need of the hour of Shillong. At least when people come to visit Shillong we can proudly take them to Jadoh to taste the local cuisine.”
With the compromising rates and great food combination Jadoh indeed within a span of just a few is becoming a favourite hangout of the people in Shillong. Cunville says, “We have just taken our baby step and if the response remains the same we will soon be opening new branches to cater the customers around.”
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