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It is said that “All that glitters is not gold”, Dipankar Sinha neither glitters nor is gold because his creativity and passion for art far exceeds any human proverb or comparison. One is free to judge him on his alternative lifestyle or through the perspective of the magic he creates on the canvas or on a simple desktop. What describes him the best would be his tattoos and his dirty converse shoes, but he is a naive dreamer who firmly believes in his dreams. He is a different person when working on his canvas, a different person when designing the graphics and an incredibly mad artist when creating graffiti’s on walls. The Notebook Team tells us more…..
parachutes by dipankar sinha
Hi Dipankar, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.  Ok let’s start  by you telling us a little about yourself and how did you get interested in desig-ning? Are you self-taught or did you go for any formal training?
-    Hi,about myself, born and brought up in Shillong. Did my first commercial graphic, when I was in Class XII, and there was no stopping… I’m a freelancer under a team named ‘alien workouts’, based in Shillong, working for clients locally in India and abroad. Although I am mostly self-taught in software and through continued learning and work experience.

We  love the style of the designs you create. Can you tell our readers a little about your designing process?
-    My designing process is a combination of visualization, a bit of research; I try and apply fresh designing techniques. I focus more on the concept then on just the looks.  There is always an artistic element added to it. Frankly I’m never satisfied, mostly getting carried away…So, then continues on to client deadlines, changes, more feedback, changes etc.

There is a big gap between amateur and professional looking designs. What as per you are the biggest factors that can take a design from good to great?
-    Knowing what, why and how, bridges this gap. Any design can look good. Professional designs come with looking good and feeling ‘Wow’. And yeah, most importantly, the final execution holds the key. The package sells more than the product.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get started on a project and brainstorm ideas. How do you get inspired and stay motivated?
-    Music is what drives me. It’s like my oxygen. Sometimes I’ve to struggle to get in the mood, and music makes it easier to. I can work without music, but with music I can create. And sometimes I even feel it’s the music that I’m designing.

So what kind of music do you generally listen to?
-I do not believe in the word genre. Music is simple as music, but if you ask my     favorites’ I mostly listen to Brit Rock, Alternative Electronics, Psychedelic or sometimes World Music like God is An Astronaut, Third Eye Blind, Depeche Mode, Porcupine Tree, Asian Dub Foundation, etc. It all depends on my mood actually. (Takes a deep breath)

Oh! You  seem to have a tattoo in Sanskrit on your left arm? What does it say?
-Well I actually have quite a number of tattoos; this one says that “you should do your job without the expectation of any fruits.” It is actually an old Hindu saying.

We’ve been very interested lately in gaining some insight from other designers about how they manage their time. With all the projects that you do, how do you manage to find time for everything?
-    Time is something that’s lost in me... I don’t keep track. May be because I work a lot, but at the end of the day I love what I do and love to work hard at it. It   doesn’t matter… day, night, food, comfort. As long as it needs to be done…so has to be done. People sometimes complain about my punctuality. But, I don’t want to compromise on the quality. I treat every project very personally. Literally, my day starts at 12 pm and my night at 6 am .

What are some of your favorite design/projects that you’ve worked on?
-    Answering that can be a bit difficult. I enjoy every new project, I come across But would like to mention one or two odd ones, my first amateur VFX experiment in 2003,  where a UFO sweeps over Shillong and gets shot down with a catapult in Soringkham road..  Sadly now I don’t have time to experiment like those…I miss them. My first complete 3D realistic animation project of a heart probe from the States, which was damn tough. Also being a part of the e-ARIK project in Arunachal Pradesh, was fun. Very new and challenging, which eventually bagged the ‘Best critic’s award’ in the 2008 National Awards, are some of them.

What tools are in your designer’s toolbox that would be tough to live without? Software, apps, hardware, books or otherwise?
-    Frankly, this is a sad list…let’s better not start with. But an honorable mention to Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D can be given.

Mac or PC, why?
-    I’m a ‘monster fan’ of Alienware’s, which are PC of course. But, my 50% vote goes to Mac, for its stability, simplicity and powerful processing.
When you are not designing or otherwise behind the computer, what do you enjoy doing to step away for a while?
-    Well ‘m almost like married to my PC, but ofcourse I take my breaks. Painting is my passion, and it just recharges my frustrated cell…otherwise, I love drives and coffee hangouts. All with a musical background.

That’s lovely, next, please describe what’s ‘alien_workouts’ is all about?
-    ‘alien_workouts’ is a dream team of freelancers. It started in 2002-03, when the need of something that can break the typical design format was felt. All are connected in a network. All have the freedom of creativity. No boss. No 9-5 job. No office politics. We believe that an idea is an idea, no matter from whom it’s coming…and that the freedom to experiment, to create and execute, can change the traditional stuck-up. No miracle involved, all with the basic- ‘lines, colors and motion’. Simple as that!

What are the type of projects you take up?
-    Multimedia, as a whole? You can say that…I do Web and Print Graphics, 2D-3D animations, Websites, Video FX & Editing some-times, Layouts, Interactive Presentations/applications  etc. Anything that satisfies the hunger of creativityJ.

How do you think graphics communicates without the use of words?
-    Just as music with its sound, poems with its words, painting with its colors. Its all about how expressive is your message to trigger the communication. 

We have heard that you are also an animator? Now that’s incredible, tell us more about it?
-  Animation, just drives me crazy. Actually, there’s an animator inside me, more than the    rest. I’m still a learner in this field though. It all started from page to page stick animation during school…to getting swept away with Cartoon network’s “Jonney Quest”. When I first did my 3D animation, I was lost for days on how realistic can it be. But due to lack of animation projects at that time, I’m left half-motivated. Then came some interesting projects which keep me rolling till date. I still can trade graphic designing to animation… 

Lastly, tell us about your dream project you want to work on?
-  I’m a dreamer, so there’s never just one…May be work-ing on some cool VFX for the big screens… Designing world brandings for Nike, addidas… there’s just no end to dream-ing…!

A quote that has helped you through your career to improve?                              
-    “Subvert the paradigm”  

Thank you Dipankar ,The Notebook Team wishes you good luck for your future. May you rock all the way !



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