Congrats Meghalaya

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Congrats Meghalaya

Yes Meghalaya is 40 Year old  today, Congrats ! The State Government is organizing 40th Meghalaya Day beside distribution of Meghalaya Day Excellency Awards 2012, other highlights of the  program, launching an informative booklet-a compendum of goverment schemes, a literature on tourism schemes etc. It was the day of Jan 21, when Meghalaya got its statehood without bloodshed.
Looking back to gone years it is hurtful to say that infrastructure development over all is very bad and in the same condition before the division of Assam in Assam and Meghalaya. Development is progressing in a snail’s pace. Some development had been done in Shillong region only but  Garo Hills and West Khasi Hills are still lagging very much behind.
The first Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Capt Williamson A Sangma, is no longer known, people barely remember him.  His birth place  South Garo Hills is very backward in every aspect.  His name never mentioned in the celebrations. No garland,  no flowers, it is shameful that the state is so ungrateful to. Such leaders should be remembered accordingly. Even Capt Sangma's Museum is which situated in State Central Library has not seen any improvement. The architecture of this state,  Rev Nichols Roy and a lot of others have been forgotten now. It is the day to remember such great people of this state.


Leoberth Rongmuthu Sangma
South Garo Hills


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