Net-Neutrality is a beginning

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Letter to Editor

Dear Sir,
Net-Neutrality is a start, like you said sir, hopefully similar passion will be visible in other fields as well.
We must not forget though, digital space is the only space where everyone is equal. Especially with the striking down of the 66A IT Act, it does provide a good space to exercise one's freedom of expression.
This movement for Net-Neutrality is a very important one because it is the first movement of such kind in India, after Brazil, where the reasons for it were different, mostly relating to Western Hegemony.

Brazil, brought in the 'Marco Civil Da Internet', an initiative to start a new internet, which the west called Balkanization of the Internet by the Western Hegemonic Powers.
This fight for net-neutrality is in fact a fight against extensive corporatisation and is definitely not an elitist problem only.
If Net-Neutrality is lost, like all other media, the flow of information will be controlled and this would indoctrinate the society further.
Noam Chomsky in his book Manufacture of consent had in fact suggested the idea of this indoctrination where he had proposed that  the big corporate control the media.
The way the issue of net-neutrality is portrayed in your editorial,  makes it a very meager problem as against other problems in the society, but I feel this campaign should be hailed as a start, in protesting against the injustices of the rising monopoly of the multi-national corporate in India.
Subhajit Paul


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