Inaccurate Electricity Bill

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Letter to Editor

The partial introduction of new system of billing against the consumption of electricity for each household meter by the Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Limited (MPDCL) though considered being a good step but in most cases it was found the input data was taken arbitrarily by the person engaged for the job.  This made the process of payment cumbersome, lengthy and disturbing.  The concerned House Owner needs to visit the MPDCL for number of times to get the bill corrected and finally make the payment of the corrected amount.

 I, being a resident of Laitumkhrah, have been staying in a rented house wherein an electric meter was allotted by the house owner against the accommodation occupied. Recently, I remained out of station for about two and half months from last December to mid Feb’15 and before leaving Shillong I had cleared the bill of last November on 4.12.14 through one of my friend against the correct meter reading which on the day of my arrival at Shillong was also found the same.  However, to my surprise my House Owner has handed over two bills showing reading recorded on 13.01.15 and 10.02.15 showing a total of 470 units’ consumption whereas during my  absence there was at all no consumption of electricity. In the mean time before posting the letter to press I have sorted out the problem with the good officials of MPDCL. It was not only happened in my case,but there were lots of other persons had and have been facing the same problems.
 It is said that ‘err to human’ but machine can’t do wrong unless data input is wrong. In the above case the arbitrarily recording of reading by the concerned person was a clear case of deliberate negligence. Through this letter I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authority to introduce a full proof system in order to avoid unnecessary disturbance to the officials of the corporation and to take pledge for good procedural governance. Also, at the same time like to urge upon the authority to make an effort to introduce pre-paid electricity meter system to cater the ever increasing consumers in the city of Shillong.
                          Yours faithfully,
                         P B DAS,


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