Open letter to the CM of Assam

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Letter to Editor

Mr. Tarun Gogoi
The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam
Government of Assam

Dear Hon’ble Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi,

Being the first month of the year 2015, let me wish you a very HAPPY BIHU and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
The object of writing this open letter to you (and having it released to the printed and electronic media) is to point out for the knowledge of the Assam public that it is common that the promises that one Chief Minister of Assam makes, and fails to fulfil during the tenure of his office, are invariably broken by the following Chief Minister(s).
Let yours be an exceptional case and indeed an outstanding one in the political history of Assam. May I encourage you, as your well wisher and law-abiding citizen of India, to set an example to the people of Assam and show them they have been doing the right thing by voting you to power time and again.

Let me now come straight to the point. On April 23, 1994, glowing tributes were paid to the memory of a noted freedom fighter and a symbol of secularism and nationalism, namely, Maulana Mohammad Tayyebulla, at a public meeting at Rabindra Bhawan on the occasion of his birth centenary celebrations. Dr. Najma Akbarali Heptulla, the then Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha was the Chief Guest. Governnor Loknath Mishra also said that Maulana Tayyebulla together with Lokapriya Bordoloi, Deshbhakta Tarun Ram Phukan and Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das, was a stalwart of the freedom struggle in the State. Shri Robin Kakoti, President, All Assam Freedom Fighters’ Association recalled the great hardships the Maulana and his family members faced during the freedom struggle. He told the public about Tayyebulla’s property that the British confiscated and rendered him and his family homeless while he went to jail intermittently for eight years and six months. Chief Minister Histeswar Saikia, who presided over the meeting announced that the Maulana’s birthday would be observed as Integration Day in the State and added that the Assam Textile Institute would be named after him. Though I am the son of my illustrious father, I was not invited to the meeting for reasons best known to the Saikia government. I have forgiven the late Histeswar Saikia for the minor lapse on part of his officers on duty, but it will sadden my heart if you also fail to keep what your predecessor promised to my beloved countrymen of Assam.
Please observe Maulana M. Tayyebulla’s birthday on the 23rd April as Integration Day and name the Assam Textile Institute after him as per the promise made on April 23, 1994. For this generous act of yours I will ever remain indebted to you, being the unworthy son of a worthy father.
By the way, Tayyebulla’s 50th death anniversary falls on the 30th October of 2016. The Assam government did not spend any money on remembering the former Minister of Bordoloi’s first Cabinet on his birth or death anniversaries. Tayyebulla’s message of Communal (Hindu-Muslim) Harmony needs to be reiterated to the State of Assam, if not to the nation, on suitable occasions. I am, however, fully aware of the Centre’s decision to keep away from any such event. But it will be highly appreciated if you could, as Assam’s CM, defy the Centre’s decision, and go ahead with fulfilling the aspirations and meeting the needs of the people of Assam.
Joi Asom! Jai Bharat!

Yours faithfully,
Omar Luther King


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