Must not forget our language: Nongkynrih

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SHILLONG, Oct. 12:
Love for the Khasi language and devotion to god are what led the Shillong Chamber Choir to their victory in the India’s Got Talent Khoj-2 final, according to the choir’s pianist, Neil Nongkynrih.
He attributed the two to their success while speaking at Polo in a formal felicitation by the state government on Tuesday.
The choir, formed in the year 2001, was greeted with shouts of “Victory of the SCC is our victory” by the crowd at Polo parking lot on Tuesday.
The choir members include Ibarisha Lyngdoh, Donna V. Myrthong, Patricia Lyngdoh, Jessica Shaw Lyngdoh, Dorea Rangad, Keviseno Terhuja, Damon M. Lyndem, Riewbankit Lyndem, Banlam H. Lyndem, Sandon M. Lyndem, Kynsai SJ Lyngdoh, Johanan Lyngdoh, Adiel Massar and Ryan Ramin.
As part of their performance, the SCC began the show with a Khasi composition, ‘Ko Ri Baied, Ko Ri Jong Nga’ in the full version and also concluded it with another Khasi song ‘Ri Khasi, Ri Khasi’.  
Ahead of their show, Nongkynrih who has earned rave reviews in several European countries during his previous tours, said: “I want to express my love to the state of Hynniewtrep (Meghalaya). The song ‘Ko Ri Baied, Ko Ri Jong Nga’ composed by me is to reiterate that we should not forget our rich culture and tradition especially our language.”
He said that aside from their love for god, their love for the state helped them to clinch the title in the talent show.
The performance by the choir on Tuesday appeared to have touched more hearts thatn speeches made by the state’s leaders.
Another composition, ‘Jingiañia, Jingiañia’ also seemed to touch the hearts of politicians present at the felicitation.
The show, which was to have ended at 5.30 pm, carried on for some more time with requests to perform Bollywood numbers and Khasi patriotic songs.
The excited crowd said that the SCC was their “hope” and expressed satisfaction over being able to witness them in action. The choir will perform in Mawlai on Wednesday at Madan-heh, Iewrynghep.

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