Putrid sugar fills FCI godown in Meghalaya

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in November 2012

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Nov 30: Over 500 sacks of wet sugar were Friday found lying at the go-down of Food Corporation of India (FCI) at Mawlai at an inspection conducted by the Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO), even as the organization threatened to take up the matter with the CBI.
The inspection has been conducted following several complaints lodged by the wholesalers and beneficiaries against the Food Corporation of India (FCI) for supplying rotten food items to the consumers.

“Over 500 sacks of wet and putrid sugar were stacked together along with the good ones in the same room,” CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing told reporters after the inspection.
She added that based on the organization’s findings, it would submit a report to the CBI asking the agency to conduct an enquiry into the erratic functioning of the FCI.
“We are shocked to see that things like these go unchecked and un-monitored not forgetting the fact that the end receivers are the beneficiaries of these food items who are forced to accept rotten rice and sugar,” the president said.
According to Kharshiing, as per the complaints, around 30 sacks of bad sugar are delivered together with the good ones and people are also forced to accept both the bad and good ones.
When asked about this lack of monitoring, a technical staff in FCI godown said that they have no other choice but to stack the good items with the bad ones due to lack of space and also admitted that they have been receiving bad sugar for some time now, and a complaint was also sent to Guwahati in this regard.
“If FCI has its own checking officers, then why do such things go un-noticed or is it being done intentionally?” questioned the CSWO president.


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