Medical supply chain in Garo Hills a shambles

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Dec 08: In a fast moving era where everything is at one’s fingertips, the Garo Hills region of the state is still haunted by the problems of past decades.
While new advancements in the field of health services by the state government like the Megha Health Insurance Scheme are creating waves across the nation, medical supply in Garo Hills is in shambles and most of the PHCs and CHCs are defunct.
This came to light when a team of the State Planning Board headed by its chairman Lambor Malngiang visited Garo Hills.

Malngiang said that as per the information of the department, the entire garo hills region medical supply line depends on only one truck which is eight to nine years old.
He further said that it should the responsibility of the suppliers to transport medicines to different health institutions and irked with the response, the Planning Board has decided to raise the matter with the Health Minister, AL Hek besides a report whichthe Board will submit to the Minister.
“We will also take up the matter with the Chief Minister when he returns to the capital,” Malngiang added.
He also lamented that there are many inaccessible areas where the truck cannot reach and medicines have to be carried on foot while informing that there were also 5-6 PHCs mostly in Baghmara which have been constructed but are yet to become functional.
Garo Hills has as many as 5 five districts and 24 constituencies in the 60 member Meghalaya Legislative.
The Committee has also decided to visit Garo Hills region again shortly to acquaint themselves with the ground realities in the region.
Pointing out that the beneficiaries and job card holders of MGNREGA have to come all the way to Tura town to withdraw their wages of Rs 3-400 since banks are not available in rural areas and most of the banks are confined within Tura town, Malngiang said that they will have a meeting with the Reserve Bank of India to highlight these difficulties.


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