Rongbu residents seek connection to the world

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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TURA, Nov 30: The lack of any form of network connectivity to the village of Rongbu has made many from the village in North Garo Hills cringe at the thought of being left out of connection to the outside world. Villagers led by members of the United Democratic Party (UDP) have now sought a resolution to a long standing problem of telecom connectivity that the village faces – which they termed as an anomaly in the modern world.
“We are completely cut off from the rest of the world and that is a shame. Something has to be done to ensure we get some connection to others. Once you are in Rongbu, you live in a virtual island,” said UDP member and Rongbu resident, Chensbirth Marak.

Villagers complained that despite complaints to various leaders and departments over the past decade, nothing has been done to help relieve their connectivity woes.
“There were two towers built over the past 4 years, one in Chibbonga and another in our village but none of them have been made operational. We have moved from pillar to post but there is nothing forthcoming,” added the village president, Kreviston Momin.
The villagers have now decided to once again appeal to the CM, Conrad Sangma in the hope that intervention into the matter will be made.
“We had submitted a memo on the matter to our then MP Conrad Sangma and one of the towers was built then at Chibbonga. However there has been no progress since. We hope this time, our now CM can get the ball rolling once again and we can be connected,” said village secretary, Sanjiva Marak.
Another villager asked as to why they are still left off the connectivity map despite this being the 21st century.
“Our village is not remote in any way and falls mostly in plain areas, so where lies the problem in getting us connected to the rest of the world,” asked John Hillary Arengh, another resident?
For the UDP Youth Wing president, Anand Marak who is also a resident of the same village, the situation has become an embarrassment. “I have to travel to Kharkutta to make calls and receive them. Coming back home means I am cut off from the rest of the world and no matter how important matters lie ahead, we feel paralyzed by the situation,” said Marak.
“Is Rongbu not a part of the roadmap for a Digital India? It is also the vision of our PM, Narendra Modi for a connected India, but we feel the lazy attitude to our problems will not allow us to be connected. There is no other explanation for our being left like an island,” added the UDP Youth Wing president.


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