Shillong airport to be made operational at the earliest

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SHILLONG, Nov 28: The Shillong airport is to be made operational at the earliest as per an order passed by the Meghalaya High Court.
In this order which was passed on Wednesday, the court has directed the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Director General Civil Aviation to file affidavit within one week to ensure the Shillong airport is made operational at the earliest.
The Meghalaya High Court bench comprising Chief Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir and Justice SR Sen has also directed the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Director General Civil Aviation to depute their authorized officers to be present in the Court on the next date of hearing scheduled to be held on December 6, for rendering assistance on technical side so as to enable the Court to pass appropriate order for operating the flights in time bound manner and preferably latest by December 10, 2018.

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has filed the affidavit stating therein that AAI has completed all engineering works for expansion and further has taken all necessary steps for installation, testing and calibration of ILS at the airport in Umroi which was referred to Barapani airport.
It stated that DGCA vide letter dated November 22, has granted approval to promulgate the ILS procedure RWY22 Barapani airport upon which AAI has published the AIP supplement number 136/2018 dated November 22.
The AAI further stated that based on International Civil Aviation Organisation guidelines, DGCA has issued Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) on January 8, 2010 for provision of aeronautical information service to ensure the flow of information or data necessary for safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation.
Adequate advance of changes of operational significance, a series of common effective dates has been agreed internationally.
According to the AAI, the AIRAC information is distributed by AIS (Aeronautical Information Services) until at least 42 days in advance of AIRAC with the object of reaching recipients at least 28 days in advance of effective date.
As such, the effective date for the purpose of flight procedure of Barapani airport as per ICAO and AIRAC norms will be on January 3, 2019.
It also stated that after the airport is fully functional with ILS, the airline operators will examine the air passenger traffic pattern and will submit their proposals to AAI to provide them slots for landing and departure of flights.
The AAI on receipt of the proposals shall immediately examine various aspects of the matter then will allot time slots to various airlines for landing and departure of their flights at Barapani airport.
Meanwhile, the affidavit filed by the Commissioner of Transport (CT) revealed that various works which were incomplete have been completed.
Informing that levelling or rain cuts and construction of embankment has been completed, CT said that the construction of 8-opening and 13-opening HPC, progress done so far is ranging between 60% - 70%.
It was made clear by the Chief Engineer that physical progress for completion of work for laying opening of hume pipe, work has already been partially completed. According to him, 15 more days are required to complete.
However, the bench made it clear that completion or non-completion shall not in any manner hinder the operation of flight, 15 days time is granted for ensuring completion of the said work.
Construction of slab drain, hume pipe culvert (single opening) and granular sub base course, it is divided into three parts, first part is construction of hume pipe culvert, second part is construction of slab drain which is completed 100% whereas, laying of GSB is incomplete, however, 56% has already been done, same 15 days time is granted for completion.
Regarding construction of chain link foundation have been completed 73.33%, 73.33% and 59.80% respectively, same will be completed within 15 days. However, construction of gate, retaining wall and 2 single opening HPC is completed.


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