NGOs hit back at justification on stone quarrying

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, Nov 28: The EGH bodies of the GSU and FKJGP have hit out at the clarification provided by the proprietor of Marak Pavers and Stone Industries, Georgeman Marak, who has been accused of quarrying stones close to the Simsang River, and within the catchment area.
Marak had stated that he had all the requisite permissions for running the quarry and the same was also more than 50 metres from the river.

“What we fail to understand is how despite 3 inspections the proximity to the Simsang River was not considered before permission was given. In our inspection of the quarry we found glaring difference in his claim and the ground reality for which we have photo and video evidence,” stated the NGOs in a release issued on Wednesday.
The NGOs argue that the dumping of soil into the river could have been avoided as during rainy season the same would be washed into the river and cause siltation.
“The same will affect the thousands of people living and using the water downstream. We empathize with the 200 people employed by the proprietor but cannot put the lives of the lakhs who live downstream at risk,” they added.
“Our complaint is due to the quarry site being in the catchment area. We have nothing personal against the company. We will have no complaints if the quarry site can be changed adhering to environmental norms. We would like the proprietor to see things from our perspective and work with us for the greater interest of our society,” added the two NGOs, adding that future generations would suffer due to their inaction in the case.
The NGOs further stated that they would continue fighting on the issue till the same is rectified.


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