SPARK lights up Deepawali for underprivileged children

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Nov 07: Underpriviliged children were given a rare treat on the occasion of Deepawali when the NGO SPARK brought in a little light to their otherwise gloomy lives through a programme organized to mark this festival of lights.
Altogether more than 200 children participated in the programme held at Anjali, Mawlynrei and Rangmen Centres of SPARK.
During the celebration, lamps were lit by the children with a strong belief that this light will bring brightness in the life of every child. Children recited a prayer asking for God’s blessing and support.

Shima Modak, Founder & President of SPARK told the children about the essence of Diwali and the purpose of celebrating the same altogether without any kind of discrimination or individual differences.
Some of the attractions of the programme include games, dance performance and other recreational activities. The children also made colourful rangoli. It was totally an eco-friendly Diwali celebrated by these children. Food was also provided to all the children.
Shima said the prime objective of the programme was to brighten the lives of these less privileged children by making them enjoy the festival and experience it as they hardly get an opportunity to witness such occasion as most of them have to work to support their families.
“Through this little initiative, we intend to bring light into the lives of these children and provide them a platform where they can enjoy to the fullest and forget all the burdens on their tender shoulders,” she said.
Reminding that Diwali also signifies the end of evil and rise of goodness, Shima said SPARK hopes that this Diwali ends all the evil and brings goodness and positivity in the lives of all especially these underpriviledged and distressed children.
Meanwhile, SPARK has also appealed to all citizens to extend help and support to the organization in whatever capacity in organizing such special programmes for the underprivileged and deprived children.


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