Rare case of parasitic twin operated successfully in Tura

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TURA, Nov 02: Tura was witness to another medical achievement as for the first time in the history of Garo Hills, a rare case of parasitic twins called Xyphophagus, was operated on successfully. The parasitic twin had been attached to the upper part of the abdomen and lower part of the chest of a living twin of 7 month old female baby and was successfully operated at Tura Civil Hospital, Tura recently.
The operation was done by Pediatric Surgeon, Maternity and Child Hospital, Tura Dr. Lee Roger Ch Marak along with Anesthetist and MD, Tura Civil Hospital Dr Stevie Jaseng N Sangma.

As informed by the Superintendent, Tura Civil Hospital, Dr M A Sangma, the child with parasitic twin was admitted at Tura Civil Hospital on September 11, 2018. The 7 month old was from a remote part of East Garo Hills.
Dr MA Sangma stated that after certain observation and investigations of the child, the procedure to remove her parasitic twin was successfully undertaken.
“It was a complicated case and was successfully operated in Garo Hills even though the parasitic twin is connected to the vital organs of the living twin such as liver and intestine and prolapsed intestine coming out of the umbilicus,” said the superintendent.
She explained that a parasitic twin is a type of conjoined twin which occurs when one of the twins fails to develop during pregnancy and becomes dependent on the fully formed dominant twin called autositic or living twin.
She added that the underdeveloped twin is parasitic and needs to be removed since it was partially developed and formed.
“It is not functional and totally dependent on the living twin for growth and development and thus affects the living twin. Without surgical intervention, it would have severely affected the living twin due to social stigma which included the child’s proper growth, development and education,” said Dr Sangma.


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