Fraudsters buying bank accounts for nefarious purposes

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 31: In what can only be termed as shocking, it has been learned that fraudsters are luring a cross section of the society to sell their bank accounts such that these accounts, when procured, can be used for nefarious activities by these fraudsters.
Informing this here on Wednesday, the Special Superintendent of Police (SSP), (CID) in Meghalaya said that villagers are lured by criminals to sell their banks accounts and ATM cards for petty sums.

The criminals even sponsor the opening of bank accounts and the innocent youth, villagers are asked to open bank accounts in a number of banks. These bank accounts and ATM cards purchased from the innocent people are in turn taken to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and such and sold to fraudsters of foreign origin, including Indians.
The criminals and fraudsters use these banks accounts for financial fraud by way of asking the innocent victims of Lottery, Job, Facebook, SMS fraud and such to deposit the money into these accounts as registration, processing fees, claiming fees, customs duty fee and such. The money deposited is immediately withdrawn by the criminals using ATMs.
The SSP also informed that the general public is receiving SMSs or emails from unknown sources that they have won lottery of several pounds or dollars or crores and thereby lured and cheated to deposit money as registration fee, processing fee, claiming fee and such.
In this backdrop, the SSP has advised the general public to ignore such SMSs and not to fall prey to these kinds of frauds. They are also advised not to sell their Bank Accounts (Passbook), ATM cards and also not to allow strangers to use their bank accounts for depositing and withdrawal of money, which may lead to legal action against them.
The SSP has also urged people having knowledge of people buying bank accounts, ATM cards and such to inform the nearest police station or Cyber Crime Wing, CID, Meghalaya, Shillong at 0364-2215701, 0364-2504001 or 9402519391.


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