NDA is privatizing CBI, says MPCC

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 26: The Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has accused the BJP led – NDA government at the Centre of attempting to prevent a fair investigation into the Rafale scandal.
In this regard, the MPCC had demonstrated outside the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) office in Shillong where placards reading “We condemn the unconstitutional removal of CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma to prevent fair Rafale scandal investigation” could be seen.

The MPCC has also demanded that the NDA government stops what it termed as the ‘privatizing the CBI’, a premiere investigation agency and to ensure a free and fair investigation into the Rafale deal. 
Speaking at the gathering, former chief minister and present Leader of Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma said, “We have seen number of manipulations taking place by bringing in the so-called blue-eyed boy of the PM into the CBI in order to prevent the spilling of beans.”
He said that the NDA government had resorted to such decision (to remove Verma) to hide its “sins”.
“What happens when people try to hide a sin, they commit further sin and this sin of the BJP-led Narendra Modi government by trying to derail the administration of justice is a dangerous trend,” Dr. Sangma added.
Accusing Modi of trying to misuse the premiere investigation agency as his “henchman”, Dr. Sangma said, “This is precisely what has happened and this is precisely what the nation is seeing and it is time for everyone of us to come together and join the Congress to give a clarion call to the Modi-led government to stop all these interferences and to ensure that the law of the land prevail.”
Stating that the Congress is also holding similar protests across the nation to draw the attention of the people on the matter, he said, “We urge you (people) not to be silent spectators as this nation belongs to each one of us. We must all come together and tell people what is happening and how this attempt by the NDA government to manipulate all the institutions and destroy institution after institution is a danger for the democracy.”
Reminding that laws are designed and conceptualized in order to ensure they become an instrument to regulate the behaviour of people, he however said, “When the process of law is derailed by interfering in the process of investigation and charge sheeting how do you expect justice to prevail when justice do not prevail I am telling you people will not find any more reason to knock the door of the judiciary and that is when the threat to democracy will come so it is a complete attempt to manipulate the whole administration of justice which is dangerous for the sustainable of democracy which has withstood the test of time.”


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