Opposition indulging in political propaganda: CM

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SHILLONG, Oct 10: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has accused the opposition Congress of trying to create a political propagnada out of the transfer allegations which he said is a common exercise undertaken by every government. He also said that he will send a written reply to the Leader of the Opposition on the issue.
Days after the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Mukul Sangma shot a letter to the MDA government questioning the rampant transfer of officers in the state, the Chief Minister, said, “I will be replying to his letter and my reply is very simple that this is a normal process done in the interest of the public and in the interest of the Government.”

On the allegations leveled against the ruling of indulging in rampant transfers of officers, the Chief Minister said, “This is part of the exercise which is done regularly as was done during the Congress regime as well and they are unnecessarily trying to politicize the issue.”
He further said that everything is being done in the interest of ensuring that there is proper governance and that there is rationalization being done to ensure that none of the districts are without officer as there are districts which have less officers.
The opposition had on Tuesday accused one of the MLAs from West Jaintia Hills and his brother of scolding, rebuking and threatening the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Sammy Laloo before transferring him to Ampati overnight for not giving in to their request for favours.
“There is nothing suspicious about this transfer and it is just political propaganda that the opposition is trying to create,” said Conrad while further adding that that the opposition should allow the government to do its work and the results will show.
Asked if the Government will look into the allegations, Conrad said that there are no allegations as such and that this is a normal process.
Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said that the transfers were a process of normal deputation and asked the Congress Spokesperson, Himalaya M Shangpliang to name the officers and also give numbers and figures of those officers that were transferred during the Congress regime.
On the allegation of the transfer of ADM, Sammy Laloo, Tynsong said that he is unaware and if any officer feels they are offended they should follow the law and file and FIR, which is mentioned in their service book as well.
Asked if any enquiry will be ordered, Tynsong said that until and unless there is an official complain no enquiry will take place.


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