Grace demands action against PDF MDCs supporting KHADC EC

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SHILLONG, Oct 08: The announcement made by five MDCs of the People’s Democratic Front (PDF) to support the HS Shylla-led executive committee in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) has resulted in PDF MDC, Grace Kharpuri demanding action against her own party MDCs.
“I urge the party to take action against the five MDCs through its disciplinary committee, failing which, I demand that the president and the secretary of the party to immediately step down,” Kharpuri asserted here on Monday.

A letter of support from the five MDCs was submitted to the KHADC chief Hispreaching Son Shylla on October 5 and was signed by five MDCs which include PP leader James Ban Basaiawmoit, Banteidor Lyngdoh, who is also a cabinet minister, Hadrian Lyngdoh, Morningstar Mawsor and Albinus Lyngdoh.
In this regard, Kharpuri said that this was done without the knowledge of the party’s central working committee (CWC) which had earlier suspended three MDCs – Latiplang Kharkongor, James Sylliang and Blanding Warjri – for their decision to support the EC.
Maintaining that she is not against the NPP-led KHDA EC in the KHADC, Kharpuri, who is also president of the party women’s wing however said, “I am only against the action of the five members who have failed to respect the decision of the party which is a big embarrassment.”
Further slamming the five MDCs, she said all of them were part of the decision of the party to suspend the three other MDCs.
Informing that a committee which comprises of the four MLAs was constituted to resolve the present imbroglio within the PDF on September 28, Kharpuri however said, “One of the MLAs (Banteidor Lyngdoh) has only proven that he is a person without any principles by violating the constitution of the party.”
Threatening that she may have to resign from the party, she said, “I am still waiting for the decision of my supporters because this party is a party which is so disorganized, undisciplined and weak in leadership.”
Kharpuri also opined that there is something behind the action taken by the party colleagues which may be aimed at preventing her from taking over as the opposition leader in the Council.
“When they have projected me as the CEM candidate, I feel that they should also agree that I am fit to be their leader,” she said while alleging that James Ban Basaiawmoit had however threatened to leave the party if he is not elected as opposition leader.
She also accused former KHADC CEM and the chairman of the PDF, PN Syiem of pulling at strings and instigating the five MDCs so as to further their own political interests.


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