NGOs unearth gross anomalies at Baghmara Civil Hosptial

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
Tura, Oct 05: NGOs of Baghmara have pointed to huge anomalies in the functioning of the Civil Hospital after a visit to the site on Wednesday last.
The NGOs, GSU, ADE and Akim Saldora Society paid a visit to the Hospital and made discoveries which point to neglect, self interest as well as benami transactions that have become a part of how the hospital operates.
The NGOs further demanded the positioning of a full fledged DM&HO in the Hospital after it was found that one doctor was handling three positions including the DM&HO, Additional DM&HO and Civil Incharge.

“We found fans missing from some rooms, leaking septic tanks, poor quality food as well as all around neglect in the hospital,” said the NGOs after the visit to the hospital.
The NGOs found that food served to the patients consisted of only rice and potato with dal, with a non-vegetarian being given only once a week.
 “The suppliers are not supplying proper diet meals to the patients and only dal-potato daily. The chart shows that there should be mutton, chicken, egg and fish, green vegetables as well as fruits that are to be given to the patients but that is only on paper. Without a proper diet, patients are going to have a very hard time recovering,” they added.
The NGOs alleged that bills were being made showing all the above dietary foods being given and pointed to the supply being done by government servants in the name of others.
 “This is in all the PHCs, CHCs as well as in Civil Hospital. Their supplying these materials is benami in nature and defeats the purpose of employment for locals. Their excuse is that they are not giving it to outsiders,” said the NGOs.
The NGOs also said that Baghmara was getting a bad name due to such misappropriations and the needed a full fledged DM&HO for the Civil Hospital to right the wrongs.
Further the NGOs found that of the two newly constructed rooms (one a guest room and another one for Conference), one was being used as the canteen.
“We require a lot of guest and store rooms at the BCH but it seems they are keener on opening a canteen which of course is being run by a doctor itself (after closed tendering). This is government property and they should have called a tender but chose closed tendering. At least an open tender would have helped generate revenue for the hospital,” the NGOs alleged.
“The hospital is not fit to be called a Civil Hospital as it lacks many things, including specialist doctors, shortage of staff, materials, equipment, lab, etc. Further there is not even adequate medicine, shortage of nurses, lack of water and even the OT is not being used. So how can anyone call this a Civil Hospital?” asked the NGOs.


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