Residents repair road after PWD fails to deliver

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, Oct 05: After the failure of the PWD (Roads) to repair the road connecting Rugapara and Doni Apal under South Garo Hills, residents of the area, led by the Garo Students’ Union (GSU) – regional unit took up repair of over 2 kms of the road. The area falls close to the international border with Bangladesh.
“The road has been lying this way since we were children. On paper, the road was supposed to be black topped and even repaired by the PWD but we have never seen the blacktopping or the repair ever. We can’t understand as to what exactly happened on the road but we are the ones faced with every day difficulties due to the poor road condition,” said GSU general secretary, Bestwell D Marak.

The NGO as well as residents had earlier approached the PWD as well as the administration to seek repair on the same road but got no response from them leading to the residents taking up repair of the road by themselves.
“The people (PWD) need to pay us for the work as we are the ones doing their job. Do we not deserve a good road or are we supposed to fend for ourselves. The department has done nothing to ensure a better life for us,” said a resident of Ruga.
The road had earlier been filled with potholes due to wear as well was undulating. Residents have filled the repaired the same with mud, sand and stones to the extent that it has now become traversable.
“Earlier it was difficult to even walk in this road during the rainy season. Now at least we can use vehicles to travel to and from Doni Apal and beyond. The authorities really need to check on the work being done by the PWD as the department has become useless, mainly for the rural sections of the state. They just don’t care,” added another resident.


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