Lapang dares Congress to challenge his track record

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 05: In reaction to allegations made by the Congress party, Meghalaya’s stalwart, Dr. DD Lapang has dared his former party to challenge his track record in a political career that has spanned a few decades.
It may be noted here that the Congress spokesperson in Meghalaya, Zenith Sangma had stated on Thursday that Dr. Lapang had left the Congress party because he wanted to be in power and get monetary benefits.
Reacting to this statement on Friday, Dr. Lapang said, “It is a very irresponsible talk, he (Zenith) should see my track record.

I have been there as chief minister five times and as cabinet minister 10 times and deputy CM 3 times – let them see my track record. Do they have anything (against me) and can they corner me that I have manipulated things?”
“I am afraid that the people who uttered like this must have themselves indulged in such things by trying to turn politics into business. If they questioned Lapang, they have to question themselves ten times,” he said.
Asking the Congress leader to check his own track record, Lapang said, “His (Zenith) track records may be louder than what he pin points at others, but I don’t have anything to debate with him on this but he should go through my track record and tell it to the authorities.”
To another query, the veteran politician said that he was not responsible for any toppling game in the past.  
“My conscience is clear that I have never been involved in that but somebody did get involved in toppling me which they succeed several times.  However, I don’t have enemies in my political career and I will not speak ill against anybody,” he stated.


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