Shylla moves traditional heads against drug menace

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SHILLONG, Oct 03: The Council of Traditional Chiefs and Headmen (CTCH) which has been formed by the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) has resolved to take on the drug menace which is emerging as a major threat to the youth here.
The decision was taken at the first meeting of the CTCH convened by the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) in the city here on Wednesday.
Announcing the resolution adopted by the CTCH during the meeting, KHADC chief Hispreaching Son Shylla said that the traditional dorbar has the power to eradicate crimes against women and children and the drug menace.

“Therefore, this meeting has decided to take all measures to prevent these crimes and especially drug menace which is affecting the youth of our society. The dorbar shnong will issue strict warning which also be sort of awareness to deter perpetrators from committing such acts within their jurisdictions,” he said.
“The KHADC and the traditional dorbars have the power to eradicate social evils because the police and the government can only intervene after an incident had occurred,” he added.
The CEM also informed that the Council of Traditional Chiefs and Headmen will also play an important role with regards to the issues relating to the boundary disputes with Bangladesh and Assam.
Earlier, Shylla said that the formation of the CTCH was the third attempt made by the KHADC to empower the traditional heads as per the constitution of the India.
He said that earlier the Federation of Traditional Chiefs was formed but did not last long and subsequent to this the Constitution of Traditional Dorbar was also constituted but the Governor returned the proposal.
“However, the CTCH is different as it is being formed as per Paragraph 2 of the Sixth Schedule and after consultation with legal experts. The provisions allow the district council to form a subordinate local council,” Shylla said.
Informing that the KHADC will soon pass the Bill in this regard for getting the approval of the Governor, he said that the CTCH will also act as an advisory body of the executive committee on various matters.


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