NPP open to Lapang’s inclusion

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SHILLONG, Sep 14: Maintaining that former Chief Minister, Donwa Dethwelson (DD) Lapang was forced to quit the Congress party, the incumbent Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma has said that Lapang’s decision is a big loss for the opposition Congress in the state.
“It is a great loss for the Congress as senior people like him (Lapang) has resigned. It is also quite sad to see that Lapang was forced to resign at this point when he has contributed so much to the state and to the Congress party,” Sangma said here on Friday.

Asked whether the NPP would make its move to bring Lapang into the party’s fold, Conrad however said that is something for Lapang to decide on.
“We will discuss and see and I don’t think it’s the right platform and right time to talk about such a thing but yes it is something we can look at and discuss,” he said.
Stating that the coalition government led by the NPP has always been looking at individuals who are concern about the people and the state, Sangma said whether he (Lapang) comes or if he comes to the NPP or UPD or PDF that is something that Lapang has to decide.
“But I think that a person with such a track record and experience and with all the knowledge can be used in so many ways,” he stated.
In his resignation letter submitted to the Congress national chief Rahul Gandhi on Thursday, the former five-time Chief Minister had alleged that lately the All India Congress Committee (AICC) has been embarking upon a policy of “phasing out” senior and elderly people, which he said had compelled him to part ways with the party.
“In my opinion it means that their service and contribution of the senior and elderly people is no longer useful to the party,” Lapang had stated.
Seeing all the contributions and the kind of work he has done, Conrad who is also the national president of the National People’s Party (NPP) said, “I think a person like him should have been given the due respect but it is sad that this is how things have been where he had no option but to resign from the Congress party.”
“Therefore it is quite sad and a person of his stature should not have been treated in that manner,” he added.
Conrad also lauded the veteran politician and said that Lapang has got a lot of concern for the people and the state.
“I am happy to see that he is still very active and he has always taking up issues concerning the people and the state. I think the Congress will realize that it is a great loss to the party,” he said.


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