Dainadubi residents, NGOs clarify on extortion, intimidation charge

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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TURA, Sep 13: Residents of Dainadubi led by NGOs have clarified on the charge made by the CSWO of intimidating and extorting money from a victim of cyber crime. The crime in question is the circulation of a semi nude video sent by a woman to her ex boyfriend, Mansrang Sangma of the same area, which led to the arrest of Sangma a few days ago.
The CSWO, led by its president had pointed fingers at the NGOs, accusing them of intimidation and extortion.

“Her (Agnes’) statement is condemnable and we want to know as to gave her the information of us extorting or even intimidating the victim. There was no point in time when we did so,” said the group of NGOs from the area. The NGOs in question include GSU, AAYF, PJAC, AGPF, FKGJP, FAF, DEO, Mother Union (Dainadubi), Sorder associations, DCYO and nokmas of the area along with the general public.
The NGOs and residents who met on the matter have clarified that as the video was sent by the victim herself and was subsequently circulated amongst others, their concern was why she made the video in the first place.
“If she had not made the video, none of the matter would have happened. We have rules in our village (Nogolpara) and she had broken them by circulating the video and giving the village a bad name. A meeting was held on the matter and it was generally decided that a fine would be levied on her for being irresponsible. The rules are binding on everyone,” added the NGOs.
The NGOs felt that the CSWO president should have also checked their side of the story before issuing a release on the matter.
“There is already a police case on this, so where is the option to intimidate the girl in question? We have not and don’t intend to interfere in a police investigation. The charges of intimidation are baseless,” they added.
The NGOs added that as civil society organizations they were deeply hurt and pained by the baseless allegations made against them.
“There are always two sides to a story and both are equally important. A consultation with us would not have hurt anyone but she chose to go by the version given to her by people with vested interests and not listen to our side,” said the group.


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