EKH SP determined to curb drug menace

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Sep 12: East Khasi Hills Superintendent of Police (SP) Davis Marak on Wednesday said that the police are going all out to nab the key players and king pin involved in the drug racket in Shillong which he said is not just a transit route for drugs but also a destination.
“We are already going after the big fishes and unfortunately we have not been able to nab them red handed and without catching them red handed we do not have enough evidence against them to produce them in the court,” said the SP while further adding, “Yesterday we arrested around four people and yesterday’s catch was a good catch in the sense that a small peddler led to a supplier and in this way we got to two or three levels. They are not small suppliers but big suppliers and we have been after them for quite some time”.

Asked if low conviction rate was a factor, Marak said conviction in NDPS cases is very difficult as it is a highly procedurial law and it is also a fact that there are provisions in the ACT which allows those who are first time users or small users to be absolved if they apply to the court that they want to be rehabilitated.
Marak also informed that while there are allegations that they are caught and released which is not true because if they make a undertaking that they want to reform themselves the law allows them to do so.
“The law allows them to reform and gives them the opportunity. It is not that they are not convicted,” said Marak.
 Stating that Shillong city is not just transit a route but also a destination, Marak said that as a destination there are some organised gangs and groups who are running the drug racket in the city.
He said that there are some militant groups hailing from the North East itself who are indulging in drugs and arms trafficking to finance themselves.
He also said that Shillong is a place for the militant groups to re-group and lie low when there is pressure in other states and this is the reason Police have also activated their intelligence mechanism.


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