After months of languishing in Bangladesh, abducted trader finally returns home

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Tura, Sep 11: After more than 3 months of being kidnapped by Bangladeshi criminals, being taken across the border into another country, escaping from the clutches of his kidnappers and reaching police safety in Bangladesh, 66 year old Phalgun Arengh of Purakhasia finally crossed over to India after he was handed over at Dawki in West Jaintia Hills (WJH) border between the two countries.

Arengh’s release was confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of West Garo Hills (WGH) district, Ram Singh and also the Achik Indigenous Justice Initiative Forum (AIJIF) director, Alex K Sangma who said the 66 year old was handed over on Tuesday.
“We are extremely happy that the two countries have been able to resolve their diplomatic issues and allowed the poor man to come home to his family. We are thankful to both governments on the matter and everyone who was involved in it,” said Sangma who was informed of the release by a highly placed source as well as Arengh’s family.
Arengh, a resident of Hatimara village, Purakhasia under Dalu PS in West Garo Hills was abducted by few Bangladeshi miscreants from his residence at Hatimara village under Dalu P.S, West Garo Hills and forcibly taken to Bangladesh on May 24 this year.
The criminals from Bangladesh took him to their country forcibly despite the presence of the BSF to man the international border.  Subsequently, an FIR was lodged by his wife, Ponji K Sangma at Purakhasia Outpost on the matter.
Incidentally, just a week after being abducted, Phalgun was able to escape his captors on June 2 and searched his way to a place call Christianpara in Bangladesh. He was being held in the jungles of Harikona under PS Sribordi under Sherpur district in Bangladesh.
He was however unable to return home to India due to diplomatic issues and was being kept under the care of Sherpur police in Bangladesh for close to 3 months. 
Arengh’s wife, Ponji K Sangma, had also gone to Bangladesh in the hope of securing her husband’s return to the country.
Upon hearing of the plight of the family, the AIJIF had paid a visit to the family in Hatimara after which they sent a memorandum seeking the release of Arengh to the office of the PM, Narendra Modi.
Efforts to seek the release of Arengh were also underway from the state government, as was confirmed by the CM, Conrad Sangma, leading finally to his release on Tuesday.


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