Cleanliness to reflect prestige of Secretariat

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Sep 11: Cleanliness will be maintained so as to uphold the prestige of the Secretariat and in this regard, the Secretariat Administration Department (SAD) will take immediate steps to ensure that the Secretariat is in a spic and span state.
Informing this here on Tuesday, the state’s SAD Minister, Samlin Malngiang said, “I will immediately convene a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) for taking necessary action on this matter. I agree that cleanliness is of utmost importance to preserve the prestige and honour of our secretariat.”

It may be noted here that the cleanliness of the Secretariat building which houses the official chamber of the Chief Minister, his cabinet ministers and top government officials, has been questioned by visitors.
The garbage disposal bins (traditionally made) kept uncovered at the corners of the corridors has also become an eyesore for guests and visitors.  Moreover, the department has also failed to change the old and torn floor carpets.
One of the visitors while expressing his concern said that the Secretariat which is the most important government office in the state should be maintained as it is here where the prestige and pride of the state lies.
In this backdrop, Malngiang said that the department will ensure the dustbins are replaced with new ones and also see that the carpets are changed besides others.
“We also urge all concerned including visitors to help maintain the cleanliness of the office,” he said while expressing concern on a recent incident where people have started spitting in the building’s corridors.
Apart from government employees, the secretariat also sees hundreds of visitors on a daily basis.
Commenting on the Secretariat becoming overcrowded with visitors especially people from different constituencies coming to meet their respective representatives, Malngiang said that department may consider reducing the days on which the building is open to visitors.
As per the present arrangement, three days including Tuesday, Thursday and Friday have been allotted as visitors’ day while two days Monday and Wednesday are no visitors’ day.
“We will take a call on whether to reduce the visitors’ day to only two days while three days will be dedicated as working days. I know people would understand that if we (ministers) get to work more, the benefit would go to them in particular and the state as a whole,” he said.
 “It is also a fact that this office is meant for us to work and not to meet people from our constituency except when there are emergency works,” he added.
Malngiang also said that the department will suggest that all ministers and MLAs who are appointed as chairmen of different departments to consider meeting people from their respective constituencies in their respective residences.


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