AYC questions disparity in salary paid to SSA 4th teacher

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TURA, Sep 05: The Achik Youth Council (AYC) has raised the matter of disparity between the salaries of SSA teachers as paid by the Centre and those paid by the state (4th SSA teacher) demanding equal pay for equal work. The 4th SAA teacher incidentally is paid by the state government.
“It is learnt that the state government is not paying equal pay, despite the work is being the same. There is no parity of pay between the assistant teacher (central government sponsored) and the 4th teacher (state sponsored),” said general secretary of the NGO, Maxbirth Momin on Wednesday.

According to information available the central sponsored teacher were drawing a salary Rs 20,493 where as the ones from the state government only got Rs 12,000.
“The 4th teachers’ are overlooked by the government in spite of the same nature of duties and responsibilities, same experience and also the same qualification. It is unjust to the innocent teachers and an act of discrimination by the state education department. They deserved to get equal salary,” added Momin.
The NGO felt it was high time for the MDA government to adopt the principles of equal pay for equal work and bring justice to the innocent teachers.
“A teacher plays an extremely significant role in a student’s life and society as a whole. It is the duty of the government to confer the rights of the teachers for multidimensional, holistic and all round development of the student’s which will make a good society and a good nation in the future” he added.
“Therefore, we request your government to change the present policy of the salary system and implement the principles of equal pay for equal work as early as possible and pay what they deserved. We hope the MDA government will do justice in favour of the deprived teachers,” they added.
A copy of the same memo was also sent to the office of the PMO and the MHRD.


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