John Leslee vows to take on Bernard after dealing with Conrad

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TURA, Aug 08: A day after allegations of misappropriation leveled by the former chairman of the ANVC –B, Bernard Marak against the former MLA of South Tura, John Leslee K Sangma, the former MLA has vowed to take legal action against his accuser after dealing with incumbent Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma who he termed as Bernard’s ‘political boss’.
Bernard had alleged on Tuesday that Leslee misappropriated most of the MLA schemes meant for beneficiaries with a majority of the schemes and supply going to the workers of the former MLA.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Leslee came down hard on Bernard contending that he (Leslee) had him (Bernard) exactly where he wanted him.
“He is trying to please his political boss for whatever was promised to him. His attempt will fall flat as I will continue to spread awareness about how his boss has jeopardized the future of Garos. No one has given him the right to represent us and make such statements on reservation as well as work permits to Bangladeshis. Bernard will have to wait as right now the priority is his boss,” said Leslee.
“I consider the allegations by Bernard as the biggest joke. He has finally put himself where I want him by being over smart. His allegation against me is highly defamatory and I will be taking legal recourse soon,” said Leslee.
Leslee stated that the Bernard’s move was in support of a candidate and to create political benefit. The former MLA has put his hat into the contest for the South Tura by-poll against the Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma – who Bernard has pledged his support for.
“I was the one who helped create awareness on the amount we MLAs receive and how it is to be distributed to the people. I always invited local committees and made them aware of the money sanctioned for them,” added Leslee.
The former MLA also added that CGI sheet beneficiaries were selected by the development committees and it was in their presence that the same was released.
On the issue of chairs, Leslee said 25 chairs were sanctioned for each locality and with pictures and receipts taken as proof.
“I am sure the development committees are laughing as they know that I keep pictures and receipts and keep 2 records, one of which is submitted to the TMB,” clarified Leslee.
Leslee also said that he had given financial support to people who had suffered from natural calamities and there were records of it. Similar was the case of the fire that gutted 5 shops. Leslee said that Rs 50,000 was given to each to rebuild.
“Even in the case of funds for sports, money has been released after clubs have submitted UCs. It seems he is the only one not aware,” said Leslee.
The former MLA called the attempt at defaming him as pathetic.


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