Charge carry bags to prevent plastic use

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Aug 05: While the tourism department of Government of Meghalaya is contemplating to ban use of plastic bags in the state, several propositions are already arising from the users themselves – who observed that for dearth of alternatives they are bound to go after plastic carry bags.

There are opinions emerging that public tend to use or ask for plastic carry bags from the traders since there is no blanket ban on use of such bags. The lack of habit on the part of the consumers to carry bags from home is also to be blamed for the rampant use of plastic bags
here in the city. There are those who observed that many consider it to be “agricultural” to carry a bag from home while others are simply not bothered due to the easy use of plastic bags in marketplaces.
Given the scenario, there are opinions emerging from the public that traders should charge for carry bags instead of just dishing them out even for “a grain of rice”. Taking cue from the trends in shopping malls where carry bags are only given to shoppers at a price, public are of the opinion that such practice needs emulation in every other shops, too. There are views that no amount of government ban can remove use of plastic carry bags whereas if the same is charged than the public will think twice to use them.
Shoppers from malls observed that they carry shopping bags from home instead of purchasing one every time they go for shopping. Whereas these bags have no longer remained free like before, there are observations even from those operating malls that charging carry bags have deterred many from availing them and contribute to environmental cause. However, there are those who said that plastic carry bags
have become synonymous with marketing and there should be a proper alternative to them in place. Others are of the opinion that charging carry bags may not ban use completely and the government can only impose restrictions there.


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