SMB’s garbage truck putrid waste management smacks of callousness

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Aug 05: The state civic authorities are seemingly doing its best to manage garbage in the city by way of locality collections, warnings regarding dumping of wastes and the rest of it.
 The public are largely responsible for keeping their own surroundings and the city clean by cooperating with the civic bodies. But what happens when the same authority turns into a spoilsport and creates further mess out of the wastes they collect.

This can be witnessed in the Quinton Road area of the city where the garbage truck of the Shillong Municipal Board (SMB) is involved in discharging filth right onto the main road in the process of hauling the accumulated wastes.
This is the site near the entrance to the MUDA parking lot at the entrance to Quinton Road in Police Bazar. One can see lines of large waste buckets heaped with garbage being loaded by a front loader of a parked garbage truck specially designed to haul the garbage in a solid waste treatment facility attached to the rear side of the truck. After loading the wastes the rear facility treats the wastes and releases filthy stinking water right into the Quinton Road to be dealt with by the pedestrians and vehicles alike.
The river like appearance of this place, created by the putrid waste water from this SMB’s garbage truck fixed with the treatment facility, is not only an eyesore but also causing serious health hazards to the people.
Many observed that they fail to understand how the SMB can treat collected wastes right in the heart of the city in this “irresponsible” and “mucky” manner. “The SMB which advises us to keep cleanliness is found wanting when it comes to its own. They (SMB) warns public from throwing wastes into rivers. Now can they tell us what they are doing here,” fumed perturbed traders from the area and rightly so. They even opined that Police Bazar being the commercial hub of the city, with eateries, hotels, guesthouses, shopping malls and more, where thousands of tourists and others throng on a daily basis, how the municipality can be so reckless in choosing this place to treat its wastes. Angry voices questioned the SMB to mend its own house before it goes out to clean up the city.
One tourist from New Delhi said, “I have never come across such treatments of urban wastes, inside a town square, anywhere in the country,” who is parked in a hotel just around this messy site created by SMB garbage trucks. The fetid waste water flowing like a river is seen taking the serpentine turn right behind the MUDA parking lot and stretches way further near the Garden Hotel.
Public are seen pussy-stepping over them with handkerchiefs on their faces. Sometimes they run out of “stepping stones” in their attempt to avoid the noxious water while others are seen giving facial gesture seeing the smut. The slipshod attitude of the SMB can be gauged by stationing its solid waste treatment truck right in the middle of the city and forcing the people to deal with the virulent wastes that it is throwing out into the open.
Many are even surprised by the fact that this acrid site exist just outside the MUDA office – which has, so far, preferred to turn a blind eye to it, which many says, is a scar on its existence. Some have even desired to know if MUDA had to be taken to court similar to its past “dishonest” actions regarding high rise buildings in the city.


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