Tribal women band together under STIEH to support Khasi Lineage Amendment Bill

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SHILLONG, Aug 03: The KHAD (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) (Second Amendment) Bill, 2018 which was passed by the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) has received the support of a section of tribal women who feel that it will protect and preserve the identity of the indigenous community.
This section of women who have banded together under the Saiñdur, Tipkur Tipkha, Ieng, Ehrngiew, Khun Hynñiewtrep (STIEH) have as such urged the Governor of Meghalaya, Ganga Prasad to give his assent to this bill.

This is in stark contradiction to another section of women leaders who have expressed their stiff opposition to this bill and have urged the Governor not to give his assent to it.
In a memorandum submitted to Prasad on Friday, STIEH convener Rani Kurbah said, “We fully endorse and support the Social Custom of Lineage (Second Amendment) Bill, 2018 which was unanimously passed by the KHADC.”
“We strongly believe that this amendment Bill will go a long way towards the protection and preservation of the unique Khasi identity. We know that if this Bill becomes an Act it will be a blessing to the Khasi community as a whole,” she added.
Claiming that the Bill is in line with the Khasi custom and tradition, Kurbah said, “We request you to kindly give assent to this Bill.”
Earlier during the meeting held at the Khasi National Durbar in Mawkhar, the STIEH has also decided to soon meet the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) chief Madonbai Rymbai urging the need to consider passing similar legislation.
HSPDP MDC Teilinia Thangkhiew said the Bill does not discriminate Khasi women and will not bring about segregation feeling as the Khasi Jaitbynriew constitutes the Khynriam, Pnar, Bhoi and War.
Stating that they will pressure the state government and Governor to give assent to the Bill, she said a Land Ceiling Act should be enacted and to strengthen the Land Transfer Act.
“Tribals from other states of the country are giving their support to us,” she said.


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