Tynsong appeals for decorum as Khasi Lineage Bill leads to online trolling

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, August 02: While the Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya has appealed netizens to refrain from harassing and cyber bullying individuals at the backdrop of the KHAD (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) (Second amendment) Bill, 2018, the president of the Civil Society Women Organisation CSWO, Members of TUR and the editor of a leading English daily have filed a joint FIR against such individuals on Thursday.

The KHAD lineage amendment bill passed by the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) opened up a new debates and discussions in the state and while some talked it out, a few others started hurling insults and making derogatory remarks on a few eminent personalities of the state for opposing the bill. So much so that memes of three women leaders who voiced out their opinion against the bill were circulated in social media.
Not taking too kindly to the abuse online, CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing, TUR member Angela Rangad and the editor of a leading local daily, Patrica Mukhim filed an FIR against the people behind these posts.
Kharshiing said that they have been slandered a lot in social networking sites which is very defaming in nature and invites hatred and also brings some sort of terror and fear on those opposing the bill and so they filed the FIR.
TUR member and a vocal activist Angela Rangad said that after the KHADC brought the amendment to the lineage Act some of them felt that it is a direct attack on women and the Khasis itself as for the Khasis the defining principle is that they take the mothers name and the same act permits men to marry whoever they choose even from outside the communities.
“We decided to express our concerns and for that they have been subjected to trolling, by people who are supporting the bill,” said Rangad.
Taking a dig at the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the KHADC, Hispreaching Son Shylla, Rangad said,   “This time around the person who is pushing for the bill is very abusive when he is addressing the press and is personally attacking some of us which is very unbecoming of a public leader. The rest of the people take a cue from such leaders and feel that it is alright to shame people who have a different opinion and are expressing it.”
When contacted on the issue, the Deputy Chief Minister, Preston Tynsong appealed the people to abstain from making derogatory remarks.
Meanwhile, Superintendent of police, Davis Marak informed that an FIR has been filed, a case has been registered at Sardar police station and the case has been endorsed to a gazetted officer. He further informed that this case is regarding hate messages and derogatory statements and the police have registered it under the IT Act.


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