Pynshngain dealt heavy blow as 17 MDCs pull support from PDA

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SHILLONG, July 09: Members of the newly formed Khasi Hills Democratic Alliance (KHDA) have decided to withdraw support from the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) led Executive Committee (EC) in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) which is led by incumbent Chief Executive Member (CEM), Pynshngain N Syiem.
The 17 MDCs had arrived at this decision during the first ever meeting of the KHDA which was convened here on Monday.

The KHDA comprises five MDCs from the United Democratic Party (UDP), 4 each from the National People’s Party (NPP) and People’s Democratic Front (PDF), 3 Hill State People Democratic Party (HSPDP) and 1 Independent member.
This came one day ahead of the special session for discussion on the alleged financial irregularities and accusations of abuse of power by PN Syiem who is also chairman of the PDF.
Last week, Deputy Chief Executive Member, Teilinia Thangkhiew from the HSPDP and other executive members had also tendered their resignation from their respective posts to the KHADC chief.
Further, members holding the different posts of chairmen in the Council have also tendered their resignations.
Moreover, there is also division within the PDF as a majority of the MDCs have decided to remove Syiem as the parliamentary party leader in the Council.
“We (17 MDCs) have submitted a letter for withdrawing our support to the PDA executive committee led by Syiem. We have also formed the KHDA,” UDP MDC from Laitumkhrah Neil Antonio War said after this meeting.
On the other hand, NPP MDC from Nongkrem Hispreaching Son Shylla asked the incumbent Council’s chief to face the session to be held on Tuesday.
“We request him (Syiem) not to resign but to face the session of the House. We would like to discuss first the issues and after that it is up to him on whether to step down,” he said.
Asked, Shylla said the members of the KHDA would be raising issues related to the financial irregularities, misrule and failure of the present CEM to convene an emergency session to discuss on the issue pertaining to the Sweepers’ colony at Them Iew Mawlong.
“We are totally against the highhandedness and misrule of Syiem, who seems to be taking the Council as his own private property. This also includes the frequent dropping of executive members and suspension of members. If he (Syiem) is dropping members and inducting them again, I feel it is he who should step down,” he said.
Shylla, who is also a former KHADC CEM, said that if Syiem is a responsible leader, it should have been his duty to convene the emergent session of the Council so that members can discuss on the heated issue related to the Them Iew Mawlong.
Echoing similar views, War, who was recently dropped from the EM post alleged that the present CEM had also failed to respect the executive members by taking decision without consulting them.
Meanwhile, HSPDP MDC Manstudy Nongrem, also a former KHADC chief, said that if Syiem refused to step down, they will immediately move a no-confidence motion for his removal from the top post.


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