JSM demands compensation for internet blackout

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, June 14: The central body of the Jaintia Students’ Movement (JSM) has demanded compensation for the internet blackout after the state government had imposed a ban on internet services recently for a period of 10 days in the Jaintia Hills region.
The JSM has demanded the extension of the validity of plan recharged by the customers of the various mobile networks so that the internet deprived from them for the past ten days can be compensated.

In a statement issued  here on Thursday, JSM president Leningstar Rymbai said that the various mobile networks namely JIO, AIRTEL, Vodafone & BSNL has suspended internet service (3G/4G) with effect from June 3, in Jaintia Hills region as instructed by the state government.
He said that the customers of the various mobile networks have paid money for recharge for plan which has validity of a set period of days which entitles them to internet packs of 1 GB or 1.5GB or 2GB or 3 GB per day.
“But the fact remain that for whatever reason the internet was suspended, the customers were the losers as they have been deprived of internet for the past ten days till June 13, 2018 which totaled to 10GB or 15GB as per plan recharged by them,” he said.
According to Rymbai, the customer of the various mobile network deserve compensation from the mobile network carriers for the immense loss they have sustained for no fault of theirs as the customer pays the recharge money from their hard earned money.
“Therefore, it would be fair and just for the mobile network carrier to extend the validity of plan recharged by respective customer so that the internet packs divested from them during the suspension of internet service is justly restored to them,” the JSM President asserted.


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