The silvering of Shillong unrest

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, June 06: Unquestionably the Shillong unrest gripped the city with fear for days but it also brought to light the many threads that managed to weave around the thorns into a web that caught the stones shot from the catapult of hate.
Scary were the few nights and days in the city as the tear gas shells ripped the peace of the city. Rumors made way despite the clamp on mobile internet services and projected the scenario twice bad than the prevailing one.

While the security forces held ground even after being bombarded with a barrage of stones, molotov cocktail at times in intervals showcasing utmost restraint and order, the State Secretariat was buzzing with delegation from outside and internal meetings to find ways and means to quell the situation.
Amid the chaos the voice for peace emerged through various religious leaders, citizens and even schools like the St Anthony’s Higher Secondary School where the principal conveyed the basic human values of love, brotherhood and how to rise above hate and live as one. The messages of peace were delivered during the school Assembly before the morning prayers.
As the city is limping back to normalcy, another diverse group of citizens called the ‘Durbar of Concerned Citizens’ or DCC headed by the Former Home Minister RG Lyngdoh is wrecking their heads to find a solution that will lead to a lasting peace in the city and avert such incidents from spiraling into a massive unrest. 
Citizens comprising of people from different communities that include senior lawyers, musicians, doctors, retired and serving government officials, civil society members have discourse to come up with a framework to reach their goal.
“This Dorbar will try to voice the feelings of all the communities and try to bridge the gap,” Lyngdoh said, adding that the group will have a more holistic view on its approach.
The group also intends to work as an advisory board for the government about various developments taking place at ground level so that communalism and chauvinism does not raise its ugly head in Shillong.
 The group is also looking to expand its base and bring people from different parts of the city under its ambit.
The goal difficult though, but the initiative is reassuring enough to prove that all is not lost.


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