Bernard seeks employment of locals at petrol pumps

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, June 03: Former militant leader and chairman of the now disbanded ANVC (B), Bernard N. Marak has sought the employment of locals to stop what he termed as gundagiri after the altercation between miscreants and petrol pump labourers at the Bokmagre Petrol Pump on Saturday.
“It is very unfortunate that ‘gundagiri’ reigns openly in Tura. The assault on employees of Bokmagre petrol pump on Saturday is the true picture of Tura. I strongly condemn this act and demand strong action against the culprits,” said Marak in a press statement issued on Sunday.

“The trading communities are under constant fear of these goons. There is no freedom to trade freely and the rates of goods have not come down till this day. These goons are ruling the business communities and the incident at Bokmagre is evidence of the rise of ‘gundagiri’. Some of these goons take free fuel from the Petrol pumps. This should be stopped by all stations else free petrol should be issued to all,” he added.
He felt the use of locals in petrol pumps, instead of bringing people from outside, could curb ‘gundagiri’ and illegal taxes to a certain extent.
 “Even after a series of complaints, not much has been done to curb the ‘gundagiri’ menace in Tura and the meeting is yet to be organized by the Deputy Commissioner. Restraining order against these goons is a must,” felt Marak.


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