AYC hits out at being called political, threatens legal action

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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TURA, May 16: The Achik Youth Council (AYC) has hit out at reports of them and the SWGH GSU stopping development work as part of a political ploy against the Congress in election bound Ampati.
The work under question was the construction of a dam in SWGH.

A media professional had on her social media post accused the NGOs of supporting a political party in an effort to give them advantage. That however did not go down well with the NGOs who have threatened to file a defamation case against Alva for her comments, which they alleged was one sided and absolutely without basis. The NGOs have served a 2 week deadline for an apology before filing a suit.
“We are not a political body and the place where construction is taking place is of historical importance. The project managers have not even informed the Nokma of the Aking (Dalbotpara and Bolchugre Bandalkona, Ampati). We therefore asked them to stop construction work until the concerned department gave a clarification to the Nokmas. We never asked them to stop construction due to the election code of conduct or chase out the labourers,” said SWGH AYC AGS, Silchang Marak.
Marak questioned the bias nature of the post on social media asking as to why no clarification was sought from them.
“The spot is a historical heritage place and its scenic beauty will be destroyed by such construction. The place is famous as “home of ‘Te’”teng’ “ (an elf or fay). The spot is blessed with “Te’”teng Am’”pok (foot stool), Te’”teng Cha’”am or Cha’”sam (mortar), milk waterfall, matchu karam (barn or cow shed) and can still be viewed there,” added the NGO.
“How can she, with a doctorate not be aware of such historical places? Such historical places are monument or legacy of the Garos and it should be preserved without any disturbance. There is something behind the construction and destruction of the scenic beauty of that area,” added the NGO.
The NGOs added that the place is being preserved by the Dalbotpara Aking Nokma and the department concerned had just sought the construction of a water tank.
“How can a department start construction without any written consent from the A’”king Nokma under Sixth Schedule? Are they not aware or blind” asked the NGO.
The NGO team had that same afternoon gone to the BADO office but found the office empty. They left a card for the Junior Engineer of BADO, Ampati asking him to contact them on the matter.
“How can she claim that we left a visiting card at the construction site and how did the card reach her? It shows her direct involvement in the project and involvement of JE of BADO with her. This is a plan to defame us and the GSU – Ampati as we filed a RTI on their projects and are still monitoring them. We have resolved to file a defamation case against her for misinforming the people if she does not apologize in the next 14 days,” threatened the NGO.


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