Bernard stands against the ‘Gundagiri’ of Tura based NGOs

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, May 13: Former chief of the now disbanded ANVC(B) on Sunday opened a Pandora box of accusation against the Tura based NGOs, namely GSU, FKJGP, AYWO and ADE, that portrays the NGO’s as paid, communal, miscreants and working against the interest of the indigenous people.
 Stating that the attack on GLR Pharmaceuticals by the NGOs was personal, Bernard N Marak said, “Attack on GLR Pharmaceuticals by the NGOs (GSU, FKJGP, AYWO and ADE) is an attack on the weak. I strongly condemn this because they are making it a communal issue and now targeting the family members of Vivek Agarwal”.

Reiterating that he took over GLR Pharmaceuticals only after clarifying with the Administration that there was no illegality and that they have no issue against the firm, Marak said, “I don’t have any grudge against them but they and their political masters have. I have a legal agreement and I am doing a legal business. If they take law in their hands, I will not hesitate.”
“I made a choice to live a normal life and do legal business but they target my firm because there is a political motive behind it. They campaigned against me in GHADC and even in the last election,” Marak added.
Accusing the NGOs of trying to make the GLR issue into a communal clash in order to regain support in Tura, Marak said, “They claim to be guardians of the indigenous people but they are actually betrayer of the Garo people”.
Further, questioning their credibility, Marak questioned, “Where were they when the indigenous people of Rongkachiring (494 families) were being evicted? Where were they when women groups were raising their voice against atrocities against women? Why don’t they raise voice against nonpayment of salaries to the GHADC employees? Why don’t they raise voice against poor performance of Garo students in board exams?”
“They have to be paid to raise an issue like they were paid this time. They chose issues to popularize themselves and raise only those issues which are communal like the case of Sofior Rehman, loud speaker at Masjid and now Vivek Agarwal,” Marak alleged.
He further accused the NGOs of vandalizing the eco-friendly project at Samsanghat and targeting the weaker section of the society to gain local support while they adopt “evil tactics” of taking up paid issues.
Stating that people who profit them are their allies and the locals are foes, Marak said that the GSU office located at outskirt of the town has a hidden motive and businessman who partially sponsored this office wanted their vehicles to ply freely without harassment.
About Trading for Non Tribals or TNT, Marak  said, “These NGOs organize mela bazaar on pretext of raising fund for the office construction but they looted the people by promoting wild gambling and never obtained Trading for Non Tribals (TNT) from GHADC”.
He also threatened to move Court if his freedom to trade freely is disturbed by these “Goons”.
 “I will stand for the weak and the right. Gundagiri must end,” Marak added.


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