Central Bank customers furious over diversion to kiosk

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, May 13: The main branch of Central Bank of India (CB) next to Anjalee Cinema Hall at Bara Bazar has stopped accepting cashes below Rs. 50,000 from its customers, of late. The Single Window Operators (SWOs) are refusing any cash deposits below Rs. 50,000 and directing them to the kiosk attached to this branch.
There are allegations that the SWOs at this branch is not even sparing the senior citizens, even if they have time or sitting idle, rather pushing one and into the single kiosk. According to the bank customers, apart from this kiosk for depositing cash, CB hasn’t got any other in the entire city.

Customers are complaining that this is not the case with other nationalized banks but CB is enforcing this rule arbitrarily upon its customers. There are many customers, among them are the aged and senior citizens, who are not much conversant with the machine way of depositing cashes. For them the counters are the best option but the attitude of the SWOs is causing more inconveniences to its customers than helping them.
Other customers, who are savvy with kiosks, observed that if the CB is fostering use of technology than it should have requisite number of machines installed in the city instead of a single one – which too is not working properly often.
There are complaints that the existing kiosk is not functioning ideally since the cash inhaler gulps currency notes and refuses more. Moreover, the IVR instructions are confusing since at the final stage the machine asks the customer to enter the number of currency notes against the amount to be deposited whereas that part does not necessarily need any input rather it gets filled up on its own as the machine inhales the cash.
Meanwhile, it appears that the difficulties of CB customers have no limits since the bank has of late closed down two of its branches in the city. The bank has closed down the Laban branch at Last Stop and the GS Road branch and according to an official of the bank, it is learnt that since these branches exist within two km radius they were merged with the main branch. Due to this ‘radius rule’, the customers of Laban and GS Road branches are facing immense difficulties. They are of the opinion that a customer opens a bank account looking into primarily the location and the merger of the branches has rendered them far away from the Bara Bazar branch.
There are opinions that given the attitude of the bank staff with regard to depositing cash and the closure of the two branches, it appears that the main branch too would exit one day since customers are not very happy with the style of functioning of this branch.


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