Tongseng village refutes allegations of ostracization

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SHILLONG, May 12: The dorbar shnong of Tongseng village has denied allegations of treating families belonging to the Christian Pentecost Mission unfairly, to the extent of denying them permission to construct a church in the village and ostracizing them.

“We have not at any point of time been unfair to anyone. We are also not from the stone age to do such a thing as we are secular and we abide by the Constitution of India,” Tonseng village general secretary Pyrkhat Pajew said here on Saturday.
One Koliti Bareh and others have recently alleged that members from the eight families were not allowed to travel in vehicles owned by villagers belonging to the Presbyterian Church besides being denied residential certificates for their children who are seeking admission.
Bareh had also accused the leaders from the Presbyterian Church for attempting to prevent the Pentecost Mission from constructing its church in the village.
Terming the allegations as baseless and false, Pajew said that the land where Bareh had proposed to the construct the Pentecost Church, in fact is a community land under the custody of the village dorbar.
“She (Bareh) had falsely claimed right of ownership on the land, which the dorbar had given to the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). We have all the documents and proof on this,” he said.
Pajew further informed that the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of East Jaintia Hills (EJH) district, under which the village falls, had also directed an inquiry into the matter.
“The inquiry conducted later found that all the allegations made by Bareh against the village were untrue. The inquiry team also found that Bareh and her family were also availing all the benefits of government schemes such as PDS and MGNREGS,” he said.
Meanwhile, Pajew said that village will not tolerate such false allegations in the future and warned of action against any people responsible for putting the village in bad light.


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