NGO seeks closure of 3 shops in Tura on TNT cancellation

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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TURA, May 11: A conglomeration of NGOs including the GSU, FKJGP, ADE and AYWO from Tura have written to the Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills (WGH) seeking the closure of 3 shops belonging to Vivek Agarwal and his family after their TNT licenses were cancelled by the GHADC.

The three shops – GLR Pharmaceuticals, ExcelCare and a hardware shop belonging to Manoj Agarwal – have been the target of the NGOs since GLR Pharmaceuticals had been shut down by them on account of various alleged misdeeds by its owner – Vivek Agarwal. The shop was however reopened after former ANVC (B) chairman, Bernard Marak, allegedly became a partner of the firm.
“We do not believe he (Bernard) is a partner but running a protection racket because he means to use his self deluded power as a former Chairman of the ANVC-B. He means to keep the business house running illegally in lieu of money. Manoj Agarwal’s TNT has also been cancelled and he has no right to continue opening his hardware shop at Hawakhana. Vivek Agarwal is the owner of Excel Care Clinic and his TNT has also been cancelled as such the said clinic has no right to open,” opined the NGOs.
According to the NGOs, the owner of the building where GLR operates has also asked him to vacate the place after the involvement of Bernard Marak.
The NGOs pointed to the violation of requirements by the firm including the lack of an AC room and the lack of a local pharmacist as two reasons why the shop needed to be kept shut.
“Since the TNT of GLR Pharmaceuticals has been cancelled by GHADC the opening of the GLR Pharmaceuticals is illegal as every non tribal businessperson requires TNT to operate a business. The owner of the building has also asked them to vacate, their operations must be shut down immediately,” said the NGOs adding that the TNT cancellation of the other two shops meant they too had to be closed.
The NGOs accused the former rebel chief, Bernard of attempting to create a platform for his political career through the case.


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