Public irked by slipshod footpath tiling works

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, April 08: The tiling works in the footpaths of Dhankheti and Fire Brigade areas of the city are being carried out in a halfhearted manner, according to pedestrians and residents of the city. They pointed out that at several places the tiles are coming out of the layout no sooner they were laid whereas in other places tiles have not been laid at all thus creating potholes on the footpaths.
Pedestrians said that they have to be extra cautious while encountering these created potholes, now.

An elderly gentleman said one hopes that these tiling works is meant for joy walking but the lackadaisical works in the form of leaving some places without tiles, shaky tiles besides not cementing the precipices is causing an uncomforting experiences to the walkers over them, while pointing the tiling works at Dhankheti bus stand.
The uneven, slipshod works done by the contractor in this busy bus stand demands relaying of the tiling work, once again.
Seconding him a lady observed that after so many years of encountering skeletal footpaths, the public were expecting some good works but that is somewhat being denied with these incomplete pieces of work.
There are also responses that in all the footpaths the tiles are shaking which causes sudden disbalance among strollers. Then there are also observations that there is no slope on the footpaths towards roadsides for movement of rainwater and as a result whenever there is a shower, the water accumulates on the pathways causing collateral damage to the pedestrians.
Residents also observed that besides the mediocre tiling works, dumping of garbage, senseless parking of vehicles, presence of vendors, encountering trenches, ropes, optical cables jutting out or sewage overflowing and much more, commonly seen in every footpaths in the city, are also preventing pedestrians from a joy walk over them. Then in many other roads in the city there are no footpaths at all forcing public to jaywalk on the main road while saving themselves from moving traffic.
Kunal Sent, a resident from the city, who is staying in Europe now, observed that the footpaths in the city and in many other cities in the country are supporting everything else other than the public. “They should not be called pedestrians path,” he observed while adding that given the volume of people in the country, the footpaths should give more respect to the pedestrians. Echoing Kunal, a local lad, Fullstar observed that the demand for road widening in the city should be replaced by footpath widening.


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