Public fumes at ‘ridiculous’ parking arrangement on Pine Mount Ridge Road

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, April 08: With the reopening of Pine Mount School (PMS), public headache have increased manifold. But this pain on the head has nothing to do with the etymological meaning of the term, headache, rather it is the inconveniences that people are encountering on the Pine Mount Ridge Road in Greater Laban. This public difficulty is being caused by both side parking of vehicles on the said road by the parents and guardians of students of PMS.

The long serpentine parking of vehicles right from Red Cross up to Highwinds Guesthouse/ Hope Clinic leaves a narrow corridor, ironically, for further movement of vehicles from either side. This footpath type path is also used by the pedestrians - who are often seen jaywalking while negotiating four rows of vehicles - both side parking coupled with to and fro movement of vehicles. The pitiable condition of the pedestrians, who are often caught for want of their path being usurped by vehicles is criminal. That the city traffic department has put up a ridiculous and bogus parking arrangement in Pine Mount Ridge Road can actually be doubly ascertained by the on duty traffic cops there who often scramble and scratch their head to manage the mess.
Public observed that PMS should be pulled into a Court of Law for the traffic muddle on the Pine Ridge Road despite having huge acres of space and grounds inside the campus to accommodate vehicles of parents/ guardians. They wonder why the public have to counter these vehicles and sought to know why this school cannot be prosecuted for this irresponsible act.
Affected pedestrians also said that the state government should put in order the ‘ridiculous’ traffic and parking arrangement on this road. Public narrated how difficult it is for them to move towards Barik, Laitumkhrah and Police Bazar from the suburbs of Lower Laban, Lower Lumparing and other areas into the Pine Mount Ridge Road since there is no other exit for them.
The chaos on the Ridge Road is thus having its repercussion on other roads and till that day the PMS opens up its gates for accommodating guardians’ vehicles, nothing can be sorted out in the said road, observed public. The need of the hour, they feel, is to order the school to bear the brunt of vehicles, ideally, of the guardians, since the road belongs to the public.


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